5 Myths About Shaving

5 Myths About Shaving

Hair removal has come a long way, with various techniques now available. Despite the introduction of new methods, shaving has often been overlooked or discouraged. However, shaving offers much more than just hair removal. Let's dispel some of the myths surrounding shaving.

Myths About Shaving

After reading this you will want to keep that razor as your secret weapon to clean and smooth skin. Keep reading to find out.

Myth 1. New razors make more cuts

Actually dull razor blades cause cuts and nicks, as they require more pressure during shaving. A tugging sensation on the skin indicates it's time to replace the blades.

Myth 2. Shaving will make your hair grow back thicker

This one is the most common claim yet so false. Shaving only trims the hair and in no way prohibits or stimulates its growth. This claim is usually made because as your hair grows out you feel the blunt end which gives that thick feeling. Hair regrowth is determined by your genetics and hair cycle yet not caused by your hair removal technique.

Myth 3. Shaving over the same area repeatedly will give me a closer shave

The blade only can go so far to remove hair. Shaving over an area multiple times will only irritate your skin and nothing else.

Myth 4. It’s okay to shave without water or a shaving product if I’m in a hurry

If you want to get razor burn then sure try shaving without any protection! For quick and easy shaves try out REMAY Shave Gel Bars which you can grab on the go and use out of the shower with only a quick dab of water.

5. Shaving every day is bad for the skin

Shaving exfoliates your skin which helps skin look and feel smoother. REMAY Shave Gel Bars help provide a gentle lubricant for your razor to glide over resulting in soft skin.

Shaving only trims the hair and in no way prohibits or stimulates its growth.

The key is to make sure that the whole shaving process is equip with the right tools to make sure your skin is glowing and healthy each time you do.

So how do you make shaving the most effective skin care routine?

To make shaving an effective beauty routine, use a product that moisturizes your skin during and after shaving to avoid dryness. A 2-in-1 product can also save you money on moisturizing and nourish your skin with vitamins. The REMAY Shave Gel Bar is a good example, made with natural ingredients such as coconut and tea-tree oil, it provides a protective film while shaving and locks in moisture for a smooth and hydrated finish.

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