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Okay, so what is REMAY?

It's a skin lubricant that replaces shaving cream, but instead in a much gentler gel bar form that conveniently fits in the palm of your hand for many smooth, luxurious shaves.

Patented REMAY Shave gel bars create a micro-barrier™ that prevents your razor from touching your skin to eliminate cuts, bumps and razor burn.

They are designed to be very gentle, moisturizing and convenient for every day use with your busy lifestyle in mind: shaving in the shower, shaving by the sink, in the bath, bringing on a trip for travel or to keep in your gym bag...

Is REMAY soap?

Nope, it's actually ~90% not soap! Soap was designed to remove oil from your skin for cleaning. Shave Gel Bars put oil onto your skin for lubricating. You can also clean your skin by replacing oils with new oils instead of stripping oil away.

How long does each REMAY bar last?

A lot of shaves! It depends how often you shave but generally each bar will last 1 month shaving in the shower. They last longer when used outside of the shower.

Tip: Always put the protective lid back on when not in use to make them last.

Is REMAY for Men or Women?

It's for both! It doesn't matter what you are, REMAY is used to protect your skin from your razor from Head to Toe.

What does it smell like?

The White/Purple bar is light, fresh & unisex. We know everyone is tired of powerful smelling shaving creams. The coconut oil scent is non noticeable. It is often describes as "Mildly sweet yet light, airy, clean, crisp and fresh."

The Black/Orange bar is a refreshing yet soothing Orange Vanilla Cream scent will have you looking forward to every shave.

We 100% guarantee you will love the smell or your money back.

How long will it take to recieve my order?

~3-8 business days. You will receive tracking once shipped and a delivery notification. There are no duty fees in USA or Canada as we take care of this for you : )

Is this an autoship subscription?

It's up to you! We would love to have you join with Subscribe & Save so you can save significantly on reorders and get a fresh bar just in time. Or you can make a 1 time purchases.

Does REMAY work on sensitive skin?

Yep! Legs, underarms, bikini area, face... The formula is very gentle. It is made with a gentle ingredient that is even used to lubricate eyes in eye drops. If you have allergies, please note that it does contain real organic coconut and tea tree oil.

Are REMAY products considered Vegan? Are they tested on Animals?

Yep and Nope! None of the ingredients in our products are sourced from animals or animal byproducts. They are also made without animal testing. Only volunteering Humans.

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Is REMAY recyclable?

Yep! Single use plastics are made from thin and cheap plastics that often can't be recycled. The REMAY applicator is made from high quality plastic that is ideal for recycling that is groud down to make new products again. Please recycle!

Where are the best places to buy REMAY?

From our Lab directly on this website to avoid counterfeits, for the freshest product, the best prices, the fastest shipping time and the best customer service. REMAY is online exclusive and we are the company that invented the Shave Gel Bar with the Patents. Anything else is fake.

Do you offer returns?

We do! We want you to feel comfortable ordering through us and we want you to see the results for yourself. We are so confident that you will love our products that you can return 1 time purchases within 60 days or your first subscription box within 30 days. Our return rate is less than 0.5%! Please note we do not accept returns on renewal boxes.

What are the limitations I should know about the product?

1) If you have very hard water, it may not give as much glide as expected.

You would know this if your shampoo generally does not foam and you have a lot of discoloring in your bath tub from your water. In this case, REMAY will NOT work very well IN THE SHOWER, but it should still work well if used outside of the shower.

This generally only happens when water is directly pulled from an ocean/lake or a well without proper softening treatment. If this problems occurs you can easily contact us for a return anyways!

2) For coarse facial hair, you will want to allow warm water to soften the hairs for about 1 minute before shaving. Ideally, coarse facial hair should either be shaved in the shower, immediately after a shower or at the very least, after washing your face.

Any other body hair (men and woman) does not need softening from water.

3) The gel is NOT intended to foam. This is intentional because it prevents your razor from clogging, it makes less mess and it allows you to see where you are shaving.

How does REMAY work? What's the science?

When the gel is wet, it becomes very slippery with a natural process called organic microscopic hydrophobic and hydrophilic interactions that change the surface tension of water.

This produces a protective, translucent micro-barrier™ that allows your razor to closely float over your skin so that you don't get razor burn! Because there is a micro-barrier, it allows your razor to get a very close shave without damaging the skin.

The PH is set to be close to the PH of the skin for a comfortable feel without dryness (unlike soaps and shaving creams that need to be rinsed and washed off to prevent itching).

Where is REMAY made?

Canada 🇨🇦

Is REMAY Travel Friendly?

It sure is! It is a solid so you can bring as many as you want. Even with your carry on luggage. It is TSA travel safe and it is under 100mL. You can also use them as a gentle face/body wash cleanser and a moisturizer. Essentially all you need is REMAY and a razor to replace many of your other items and avoid cheap hotel soaps.

Do I still use a razor to shave?

Yep, REMAY is a gentle lubricant that allows your razor to glide. It does not chemically remove your hair like a depilatory.

Will shaving make my hair grow quicker?

Nope! Although some plants may grow quicker when cut, not your hair. Unless you're a plant.

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