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REMAY Heat Shave Gel | 24 PACK

REMAY Heat Shave Gel | 24 PACK

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Premium Shave Gel

  • One-Time Purchase (Pack of 24)

REMAY® Heat™ | Welcome to the next generation of shaving lubrication. 

A Premium Shave gel in the form of a bar that make your razor glide to protect your skin from cuts, bumps & razor burn.

Shave cream is harsh and soap dries your skin. Soap was designed to remove oil from your skin for cleaning. REMAY® Shave Gel Bars make your razor glide by putting gentle oils on your skin for lubricating. They are ~90% lubricant/moisturizer.

Patented REMAY® Bars with translucent micro-barrier™ technology will protect and moisturize your skin preventing cuts and razor burn backed by our no-cut guarantee. The translucent gel allows you to see as you navigate precision lines, around the nose or never miss a spot during a full smooth shave. 

Directions: Simply wash your face, then heat the gel for 5 seconds under warm water and feel the soothing effect of a hot gel stone soften and lift your hairs as you apply with our precision mess-free applicator. Then use a razor to shave. Simply rinse skin or pat-dry to double as an aftershave moisturizer.

Pro Tip: Help extend razor life by applying REMAY® to the blades after your shave to reduce metal oxidizing. Apply onto a shower mirror to prevent fogging.

Goodbye mess, clogged razors, cuts and razor burn, welcome to REMAY®. 

Used by: Any gender for full body shaving (Face, neck, chest, head, legs, arms, underarms, groin area...). REMAY® protects your skin anywhere you want to shave.

Optimal Usage Recommendation: For facial shaving, it is always recommended to shave after washing your face by the sink, while in the shower or immediately after a shower to soften hairs first. Washing your face before shaving softens hairs, removes sunscreen minerals and dead skin which clog and dull your blades.

Compatible With: Cartridge, electric or straight razors.

Long Lasting: Each gel bar lasts for approximately 1 Month shaving in the shower. Or longer if used outside of the shower. A couple wipes is all you need to protect the skin.

Fragrance: A refreshing yet soothing scent of Orange Vanilla Cream will have you looking forward to every shave.

Shipping: Made in Canada, ships from USA and Canada

Micro-barrier™ Technology: Our patented clear micro-barrier™ shave gel bars for sensitive skin protect your skin from your razor like you've never felt before with shave foam or soap. Welcome to the modern way to a close smooth shave.

The Closest Shave: Because the gel protects your skin without a thick layer of foam, it allows the razor to get nice and close without razor burn, guaranteed.

Quickly Shave: In-or-Out of the shower without mess and razor clog. The special gel easily rinses out from the razor. 

Non-Gooey: Magical Non-Gooey formula and precision applicator repels water with a leak proof design.

Gentle Ingredients: Contains organic Coconut oil to moisturize. Paraben, Sulfate, Cruelty Free & Vegan. Recyclable packaging.

Mirror Fogging: Can be applied onto a shower mirror to prevent it from fogging by changing the surface tension of the water.

Extend Razor Life: After your shave, apply REMAY® to your razor to help reduce oxidizing of the blades.

Travel Friendly: TSA travel friendly. Bring as many REMAY® Shave Gel Bars in your carry on as you want on your next business trip or beach vacation.

All you need is REMAY® & a razor to finally enjoy your shaving routine.

Made in Canada

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"Amazingly smooth shave and less waste which saves a lot of money. This bar not only smells great but leaves skin smooth also! Will be buying lots more!"

Carrie Beauchamp | Facebook Review

  • Satisfaction Guarantee

    Easy 60 day returns.

  • Made in Canada

    Ships locally from USA & Canada.

  • Safe & Eco-Friendly

    Organic Plant Oils, Cruelty & Gluten Free, Vegan & Recyclable Packaging. No Aerosol, Parabens & Sulphates Here.

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