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REMAY Glide Shave | 12 PACK

REMAY Glide Shave | 12 PACK

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Premium Shave Gel

  • One-Time Purchase (Pack of 12)

The moisturizing gel that conveniently fits in the palm of your hand for many smooth, luxurious shaves.

Directions: Simply wet the gel, glide it on your skin then use a razor to shave. Rinse skin or pat-dry to double as an aftershave moisturizer. For facial shaving, wash your face before shaving. 

Goodbye mess, clogged razors, cuts and razor burn, welcome to REMAY®. 

Used by: Any gender full body shaving (legs, underarms, bikini/groin area, face, neck & chest). REMAY® protects your skin anywhere you want to shave.

Works With: Cartridge, electric or straight razors.

Long Lasting: Each gel bar lasts for approximately 1 Month shaving in the shower. Or longer if used outside of the shower. A couple wipes is all you need to protect the skin.

Fragrance: A unisex sent with a vanilla sugar base makes for a mildly sweet yet light, airy, clean, crisp and fresh scent that will have you looking forward to every shave.

Skin & Earth Friendly: Contains organic Coconut oil to moisturize & Organic Tea tree oil to cleanse. Paraben, Sulfate, Aerosol, Cruelty Free & Vegan. Recyclable packaging.

Shipping: Made in Canada, ships from USA and Canada

Micro-barrier™ technology: Our patented clear micro-barrier™ shave gel bars for sensitive skin protect your skin from your razor like you've never felt before. Welcome to the modern way to a silky smooth shave.

The Closest Shave: Because the gel protects your skin without a thick layer of foam, it allows the razor to get nice and close without razor burn, guaranteed.

Quickly Shave: In-or-Out of the shower without mess and razor clog. The special gel easily rinses away from the razor. 

Non-Gooey: Magical Non-Gooey formula and precision applicator repels water in a leak proof design.

Mirror Fogging: Can be applied onto a shower mirror to prevent it from fogging by changing the surface tension of the water.

Travel Friendly: TSA travel friendly shave cream. Bring as many REMAY Shave Gel Bars in your carry on as you want on your next business trip or beach vacation.

Trust your intuition, save over buying expensive razors with soap bars. Use REMAY instead of shaving cream, foam or gel. All you need is REMAY & a razor to fall in love with your shaving routine.

Made in Canada

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"Amazingly smooth shave and less waste which saves a lot of money. This bar not only smells great but leaves skin smooth also! Will be buying lots more!"

Carrie Beauchamp | Facebook Review

  • Satisfaction Guarantee

    Easy 60 day returns.

  • Made in Canada

    Ships locally from USA & Canada.

  • Safe & Eco-Friendly

    Organic Plant Oils, Cruelty & Gluten Free, Vegan & Recyclable Packaging. No Aerosol, Parabens & Sulphates Here.

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