How To Shave Bikini Area

How To Shave Bikini Area

REMAY® Beauty Expert Writes:

How to shave your bikini area like a bikini model.


1) Trim long hairs first (if you have any)

2) Soften hairs for 5+ min in a warm shower

3) Find a good, sharp razor with at least 4 blades

4) Apply a high quality bikini shave gel that glides very well

5) Slow down: ONLY shave WITH the grain while in the shower. The grain changes direction throughout the body. Learn your body hair pattern.

6) Rinse razor frequently

7) Rinse skin and exfoliate with a clean wash cloth

8) When finished, pat skin dry (don't rub)

9) If your shaving cream doesn't have tea-tree oil, coconut oil or aloe, put some on

10) Repeat these steps until skin is healed. Apply an antiseptic like Polysporin after your shave if you always get red bumps. Be patient. See you at the beach!

Red bumps are embarrassing and frustrating.

bikini bumps

Using powerful ingredients can irritate the skin over time.

Your skin might be ready for a change

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bikini bumps

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