Why Do We Still Shave?

Why Do We Still Shave?

With all the hair removal methods offered at spas and local drugstores, the question is why do we still choose to shave? Better yet, why should you shave instead of using other methods of hair removal? Here is why.

why do we still shave?

Over the past 50 years hair removal has evolved from sugaring, waxing, creams, depilatories, laser, threading and now female facial shaving. All these techniques arose from either cultural traditions or innovative technology promising to make hair removal better. But why do so many still choose shaving as their favourite method to remove hair? Keep reading to find out.

There are numerous benefits of shaving for your skin compared to other hair removal techniques that are now offered. But here are the top 3 that will be of interest to almost everyone.

1. Shaving gets rid of dead skin cell debris. 

This debris can get packed within the hair follicles and lead to acne. However, with regular shaving you can remove these dead skin cells. Ever wonder why guys who shave have such nice skin?

2. Shaving can increase the level of skin protection. 

Shaving off dead skin can ensure that your skin is kept free from fungal or bacteria infections. Using a good gel during and after shave is key to make this process healthy and clean. Have you seen your face mites yet? 

3. Shaving can make you look younger.

Woo hoo! Who doesn’t want to have younger looking skin? When you remove that old layer of dead skin, you automatically reveal a fresh layer of new skin giving you a fresher and younger look. Try to not shave for a few days and see the difference once you do.

How does this compare to the rest of the procedures? 

Although one could argue that waxing is similar to these points, it’s actually one of the procedures that is prone to irritate your skin and also even cause damage. Pulling and tugging at your skin can cause skin irritation, discolouration, burns, infections and even allergic reactions. Not to mention the pain that comes with the procedure. Laser is also an up and coming procedure that can remove hair permanently but it also is painful and does not contain the benefits mentioned above. Plus for those who might not want to permanently remove all their hair in certain areas, you would have to be absolutely confident you want to remove all your hair forever because it is not coming back.

Shaving can increase the level of skin protection.

The key is to make sure that the whole shaving process is equipped with the right tools to make sure your skin is glowing and healthy each time you do. 

So how do you make shaving the most effective beauty care routine?

Shaving is known to dry out your skin but most of the time that is caused by the creams and gels that are used during the process. The key here is to use a product that moisturizes your skin during and after your shave. This also saves you a few dollars on buying a moisturizer just to keep your skin hydrated after the whole process. So why not try a 2-1 product that also nourishes your skin with vitamins. Shaving gels are usually made of ingredients that do just that. One of them is the REMAY Shave Gel Bar. Made from natural ingredients, REMAY is a 2-1 coconut and tea-tree oil gel bar that provides your skin a protective clear film while you are shaving and locks moisture in your skin for smooth and hydrated skin.

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