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How long does each REMAY® bar last?

Approximately 1 Month per bar shaving in the shower or can be longer if shaving outside of the shower. A little goes a long ways, no need to apply vigorously, 1 or 2 wipes is all you need. You can also apply the gel to your razor after shaving to help prevent oxidizing to make your razors last longer. Always put the protective lid back on when not in use to help them last the longest.

How much does it cost?

We offer several pack sizes to choose from, simply click one of the Shop Now links to find one that's right for you. Stock the house while you're here! Alternatively, the best option is to try Subscribe & Save so that you get discount pricing, free shipping and never have to worry about ship times.

What does REMAY® Heat™ smell like?

A refreshing yet soothing Orange Vanilla Cream scent will have you looking forward to every hot shave.

Is REMAY® soap?

Nope. It's actually 90% not soap. Soap was designed to remove oil from your skin for cleaning. REMAY® Shave Gel Bars are designed to put oils on your skin for lubricating.

Does REMAY® work with Electric razors?

It does! Because the gel buildup is light, it easily rinses from the blades with hot water.

Can I use REMAY® Heat with a straight razor?

Yep! Traditional straight razor shaving usually involves creating a thick lather of foam with a badger brush and shaving soap. However, REMAY® will still protect your skin without the heavy lather. Instead of using a brush, the gel its self works as a brush to lift hairs. If you would like to create a thicker lather use REMAY® with LESS water, however this is not necessary.

Can I use REMAY® Heat™ to shave my head?

Definitely! REMAY® protects your skin anywhere you shave. When shaving your head, a couple wipes is all you need. Do not rub it vigorously to avoid shredding the gel.

Is REMAY® Paraben & Sulphate Free?

Yep it's Paraben/Sulphate/Gluten Free, Vegan & Recyclable.

Where do you ship from?

It's made in Canada & ships locally from NY (or Canada if in Canada). It takes ~3-8 days with tracking depending on your location & time of week of your order.

Do you offer returns?

Of course! If you are not satisfied, you get cuts or razor burn or if you don't even like the smell, you can easily return them through our self serve return portal.

Do I need to use hot water?

Nope, the gel is activated by water no matter the temperature, hot water just gives you a hot shave. The softer the water the better it works. If you have very hard water, activate the gel using LESS water.

  • Step 1

    Wash your face then heat the gel ~5 seconds with warm water for a soothing hot gel shave.

  • Step 2

    Glide REMAY® to soften & lift hairs & feel the soothing effects of a hot shave. REMAY® will provide a clear micro-barrier™ to protect your skin like never before.

  • Step 3

    Use a razor to shave. The clear gel will allow you to see as you shave precision lines or never miss a spot during a full smooth shave.

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Guaranteed To Prevent Cuts & Razor Burn With Micro-Barrier™ Technology

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Toss The Foam & Toilet Paper Face

Soap dries & ages your skin & shave cream is harsh leaving you with cuts & toilet paper on your face.

Look Forward To Every Hot Shave

Shave while in a hot shower or heat the gel with warm water by the sink for a soothing hot gel shave. REMAYs' patented Shave Bars with micro-barrier™ technology protect your skin with an ultra lubricating barrier that allows your razor to glide like new, see as you shave & never clog your blades.

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Up Your Shave Game

A premium shave gel built into a water tight applicator designed with your lifestyle in mind. Keep one in the shower, by the sink, in your gym bag & your shaving kit to bring on your next business trip.

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Easy Grip Hold

Ambidextrous finger grips for an easy grip hold & mess free application.

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Variable Surface Area

A variable surface area design allows for easy application around the face and large areas of the body.

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Maximize Razor Life

Apply a coat of REMAY® shave gel to your razor after you shave to reduce rusting and oxidation of the blades. The gel is carefully formulated with water solubility in mind, ensuring extremely easy rinsing from the blades with hot water. Keep your razor in top condition with REMAY®.

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Fogging Mirror? No Problem.

Apply REMAY® onto your shower mirror to prevent fogging. The gel will change the surface tension of the water for a crystal clear shave.

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  • Nikki

    Love them! I'm a barber and they come in handy! Smell is amazing!!!

  • Greg

    Great company and a great product, I recommend them to everyone I know!

  • Mark

    Used to get razor burn and haven't had it since using REMAY.

  • Ellen

    I have used these bars before and love them. This is my 2nd order of 3 bars each order. That tells you enough about how much I love these.

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T. Freeland

"I love this stuff! I haven't used anything else since I tried this and I'm sooooo glad I tried it. I just ordered 3 more. Now I need to figure out what you do with a can and a half of shave gel."

Try REMAY® for 60 days. If you experience cuts or razor burn, you can easily make a hassle-free return.